Sunday, January 11, 2009

update on my life

So, I haven't posted since late September. Since I try to write meaty posts that explore research papers and other topics not talked about elsewhere, rather than writing fluffy chatter on something someone else has gotten to first, the result is that these things take me a long time to write. Hours. So what I'm trying to say is that fall semester turned out to be killer, I decided to spend my time writing for my science journalism course assignments and doing a million other things required for academic survival, rather than writing for the denizens of the internet. So, for my three fans, I apologize. As we speak, I'm seriously pursuing a career in science journalism, working as an intern at the Kojo Nnamdi Show, a daily talk show on Washington D.C.'s local NPR station, and applying for a couple science writing internships. I just finished a mock-news article for my AAAS Mass Media Fellows Program application on a recent journal article of my choice, and I thought it might be interesting for people to read. It follows.